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Professional Portraits

We pride ourselves on creating great portraits for professional use.  We have photographed all kinds of professional portraits, from politicians to real estate agents and book authors.

A great portrait of you can help potential clients make the final decision to call you whereas a crummy picture may send them to your competitor!

What makes a great professional portrait?

1. Lighting that flatters your face shape and skin tone.  Good lighting is more important than the camera type used to photograph you or even the clothes you choose!

Bad lighting actually enhances (makes them stand out more) skin wrinkles, bumps, razor stubble, lines, creases and any other feature that you don’t care to have center stage in  your professional portrait.

Arranging the studio lights in a certain way eliminates wrinkles, lines, bags under eyes, razor burn/stubble, etc.  That’s the first thing we do.  And it makes retouching the final images easier and faster.

2. Choosing the right clothing.  For most professional portraits, the viewer will only see your head and shoulders.  That makes this area the most important part of the clothing you choose.

Professional head shots

Great looking Professional Portraits because you image is everything!

For men, it’s a little easier if you plan on wearing a suit coat and tie.  But you should consider the tie you choose carefully.  A pastel tie will basically disappear unless you wear a dark shirt.

Think about wearing a shirt that brings out your eye color and skin color.

If you have blue eyes, wear a blue shirt or a blue tie.  If you have brown eyes you can wear a red or blue tie or other color that matches your skin tone.

For instance, if you have brown eyes but more reddish facial tones, wear a blue tie as the red will only make your face appear more red.

You may be a fashionista kind of guy- but how will you clients see this?  If you are an architect or other creative type then by all means wear what you like.

If you are a  doctor, banker, or corporate type then it’s best to go with a more conservative approach to clothing style.

And please, please  shave within an hour of coming in for your portrait.  Some guys don’t think professional portraits are that important.


People do  make generalizations about you and your abilities based on your photo.

Your professional image and therefore portrait is important.

For Women,  The most important part of the clothing you choose is your collar area.  So look at your clothes and ONLY consider that part of them.

Do you want a soft floppy collar, a scoop neck with a large necklace, a shirt collar or a v- neck ?

All of the above are good choices with the caveat that a v neck collar should not be very deep or when it is cropped for your professional photo it will look as if there is no end to the plunging neckline!

The right choice is the one that you feel the best wearing.

But I suggest that you bring an extra top with a different style collar just in case the first one does not photograph well.

What color should you wear?

Think about wearing a blouse that brings out your eye color and enhances skin color.

If you have blue eyes, wear a blue blouse.  If you have brown eyes you can wear any color that matches your skin tone.

For instance, if you have brown eyes but more reddish facial tones, wear a blue blouse as wearing red will only make your face appear more red.

Think about the blouse you have that people tend to compliment you on even though you don’t understand why everyone likes it so much!  It’s probably because that color looks great on you!

Choose jewelry that you like – not to make an impression!  This portrait will last a couple of years at least so wearing jewelry that is super trendy or not really you will make you want to update the portrait sooner than you really have to!

League City Professional Photography

Executive portraits for women and men in League City and Houston.

3. The angle of the camera to your face.  
We all lament the “drivers license” photo and how bad it is.

One of the reasons is because you are standing square to the camera.  This is not an angle that will make you look good!

Every face is different.  Some are round, some angular, some are long. Whatever our facial shape we often don’t think it’s perfect!  We have over 19 years of creating great portraits for people and size up your facial shape is a few minutes.

Then we choose the best camera angle for you.

We do not photograph everyone with the same camera angle or even lighting.

The right camera angle can take 20 or more pounds off of you!  It can eliminate double chins and make you look younger.
And yes, most people do have a “good side”  do you know what yours is?  We do!

League City Professional Portraits

Everyone needs a professional portrait !

3. Expression .  
Should you smile? Should you smile big? Smile with teeth or without?

We don’t know and can’t tell you either.  Until you are in front of our camera.

We have countless (I mean hundreds) of times “converted” non smilers to smilers.

It’s simple, we’ll create several professional portraits featuring all manner of expressions and then we’ll both look at the back of the camera and see what is working for you.

The most important thing is that you look good.  If that is with a smile, great if not great!  Some people look better with a smile and some look good without smiling.

However many people look unfriendly at best and downright bored, sad, angry or bored when not smiling.

So we’ll work with you to decide what is best for you and your professional image.

Professional portrait on location in League City, Houston, Galveston

Professional Portraits that capture your personality.

4. Background.
For most professionals the traditional backdrop is perfect.  It does not compete with you and it’s what people expect to see.

If you choose a vastly different background (think waterfall) than what people are expecting to see it will only confuse them and most likely won’t add any points in your favor.

Mostly because the background area in a professional portrait is small and it’s right behind your head.  So a distracting background can compete with you and your message that you are a highly skilled professional person.

Let’s say you are a landscape architect, well in that case a background with trees or a landscape makes sense!  In most other cases, I would stick with the tried and true background.

Professional Portraits for magazines

I feel honored to be the photographer chosen to create the professional portrait for the new President of the Texas Bar Association!

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