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Family Portrait Specials- Galveston Beach and League City Park

Creating memories for families like your is one the most important things I do as a professional photographer.

I understand just how important having a portrait that you love of your family is. You see, most people don’t realize how important a photo can be until they lose someone. And then that photo is not just a photograph any longer.  It has their smile, their laugh, their crinkled eyes, that same shirt that was their favorite, it has their essence and their personality. It is what you have left besides some fading memories of them. I am old enough to have lost those most important in my life and I do cherish those photos I have. In fact, I wish I had taken more. What once seemed silly now seems important.  So grab your cell phone or other camera right now and take a few photos and save them someplace safe. Trust me, you’ll be happy you did.

Many times we skip having family portraits created because we don’t like how we look or think it’s not that important. 

And that is where hiring the right professional photographer comes in. I have the experience to help you relax and have fun during the session. And I know just how to hide those extra pounds or get the shy one to smile. Because, to me it’s important that you love the memories I create for you and your family. My clients become life long clients because I am able to get everyone to relax and really smile and laugh during the session. I have fun and love what I do, while working the photography magic to capture those moments.

Because these moments become the memories we cherish most as the years go by. 

I offer family portraits on the beach in Galveston, at your home and at local League City parks.  Each location offers it’s own unique benefits. You’ll find more information below about each one and be able to reserve your session right now while you are online.

Please scroll down until you find the type of photography session you are looking for.

League City, Galveston Family Photography







Galveston Island and Beach Portraits

Ahhh, the beach is such a relaxing place to hang out and enjoy the waves, the sand and the salt air. It makes for a wonderful backdrop for memorable photos as well. We have over 20 years of experience photographing on Galveston’s beaches and we’ll help you and your family get the best possible photo- memories during your visit.

Here are a few of the unique benefits you’ll get with our Galveston Beach portraits:

  • Did you know that there is a certain time of day that is best for taking photos on the beach?  Through years of experience, we know the exact time of day for the best beach portraits.
  • Sometimes in the summer, we have seaweed wash up on the beach. We will guide to the best beach to beat the seaweed season so that your portraits look great
  • We are at the beach every day- so we can take you to the best beach for your portrait
  • The beach that has the most sand dunes or rocks
  • How to arrange everyone so that they look great
  • To have fun and make the kids laugh so that you get the real smiles
  • Advise you on what clothing looks best at the beach
  • How to hide those extra pounds by helping you stand the right way. (yes we can and do!)
  • We will get what you are looking for whether it’s a large group of 28 people or just your kids and their dog.
  • We have 29- 5 star reviews on Facebook and a 4.9 rating on Google, so you can rest assured that you will LOVE your portraits!
  • You will get ALL of the photos we take – not just 20 or even 50. There is no limit on the number of photos we will take!  That means we will capture all of the fun your family is having!
  • Imagine having every moment as a digital photo that you can print yourself, share them and PRESERVE them forever.
  • We have three Galveston beach photography packages designated by the size of your group.
  • Galveston, small- group for up to 5 people is $389, Medium group – up to 10 people $429 and large group-up to 25 people is $489- please call for larger group.
  • Please keep in mind that our Galveston beach photography sessions book up quickly due to high demand and the fact that we can only photograph ONE session each day!
  • Call 409-789-7447 or email us as soon as you have the dates of your visit to see if we have an opening.

“I was so very pleased with Susan’s professionalism and ability to capture so many incredible images of my family. Honestly, with an 8-mos-old out past bedtime (dusk) and a restless 7-yr-old who just wants to play in the ocean — well, I thought we’d be lucky to take away just five good pictures…but I was surprised that Susan was able to capture so many fabulous pictures that evening. Even my husband stated after seeing all the pictures, “I think doing this was a great idea!” So thank you, Susan! We had fun, and are so thankful you were able to capture these special moments with our family! We’ll be seeing you again soon…”


We are not a part time photographer so you know you’ll have our full time
attention and not just until you are totally satisfied, but until you are so
happy you’ll tell your friends about us.

Galveston island beach photography

Galveston Island Beach Portraits are on SALE this summer!








“The most important thing was to be able to enjoy our family every day and
to remember all of the fun times at the beach so I love seeing the portrait on
the wall, they are so life like, it brings me back to those fun times together”  
L. Odom

You can trust that we will create a family photo capturing everyone just as you
are having fun, feeling relaxed and being together as a family.

Imagine having these special times captured in photos so that you can visit and re-visit them again and again as the years go by.

We love pets and encourage you to include it in your portrait session with Susan Henry Photography!

We love pets and encourage you to include it in your portrait session with Susan Henry Photography!

 But there is one thing you’ll want to consider before waiting to reserve your
Galveston beach session with Susan Henry Photography.

And that is that we only offer ONE of these amazing Galveston Beach Photography
sessions per evening.

Yes… we could photograph families on the beach ALL day long.  We have the demand from our clients to be able
to photograph all day for sure.

BUT the bright  daytime sun would make your eyes squinty not to
mention the the terrible shadows and watering eyes!

You would not be very happy with portraits like that and neither would we!

Galveston Beach Portraits

Timeless beach portraits taken of your family at the beach.












For those that would like a beautiful League City Park or studio setting:

  • Our premier Studio/park session (ask for details)
  • The weather is perfect for a park portrait session
  • Up 40 professional portraits via digital download with full usage rights! 
  • Create your own prints, collages, gifts and large wall portraits!
  • Portraits in the Park sale – only $289 for a family of four!
  • We’ll photograph different groupings plus candid portraits
  • Your pets are welcome!
  • Add extra people for only $10 per person!
  • Ask about our complimentary NEW PHOTO GALLERY APP for your phone!  We’ll create a custom app for your phone that will showcase up to 20 of your portraits from your session! Show your portraits to your friends and family- even share them from the app to Facebook.
  • Studio/park portraits are on sale for a short time!
  • With a sale this incredible appointment openings will go super quick!
  • Please note that this package does not include retouching. You can add retouching for $15 per image.
  • Feel free to share this sale with friends and family.
  • Susan Henry Photography is an Award Winning Portrait Studio Located in League City
  • Call 832-632-2184 or email us to save your spot!

Galveston beach photographer

There is a reason we have so many happy reviews and have been voted

BEST photographer nine times.

 That’s because we CARE about capturing these memories and making everyone
look their very BEST!

So we photograph only at the photography “magic hour” in the late evening so our
available Galveston beach photography sessions are limited.

So if you are interested in having relaxed, candid, happy portraits made
while you are vacationing in Galveston…. please don’t wait.

Call us at 832-632-2184 or email us at info@susanhenryphotography to
see if we have a spot open for your family during your visit to 
Galveston Island.

A family portrait that you love is so very important; don’t wait to do this.

Galveston vacation Photography

Award winning Galveston beach Portraits













“The beach is our favorite family vacation, and it brings us great joy to see 

our family united together, relaxed and having fun in our portrait” L. Walsh


Creative beach portraits in Galveston Texas

Dad makes these amazing surfboards by hand! And what a great way to have a family portrait created right on the beach in Galveston!













Do you photograph Kids and Pets?

We love kids and pets!

With children, our strategy is to allow them to have fun, but in a way that insures
we get great portraits.

I have  several “games” that I have created over the years that allow the kids to have
fun -but are really about getting everyone to relax and get the kids to really smile… 
not just a “fake or goofy smile”!

And the “games” get everyone in position, facing the camera, and ready for a
natural relaxed and fun portrait. We strongly believe that having everyone enjoy
the session (especially the children) is an important part of our mission.

Beach portraits on Galveston Island

Galveston Island beach portraits














“The portrait of our twins on the beach makes us feel happy every time we see it.
Susan truly captured their innocence & special bond, everyone that comes to home
comments on what an amazing photo it is”  J.& D. Dominguez

Just Relax & Have Fun

We know from experience that if you are having fun you are relaxed and if you are
relaxed you look great. That being said, we understand that when a photographer tells you 
to “smile” it’s not easy to really relax and smile.

One of the reason’s we consistently create Galveston Beach Photographs of families and
children that our clients LOVE is because we 
make the experience FUN. We joke with the adults and tickle the kids while we capture your 
family’s memories and that makes for real smiles and relaxed, happy people!

You can have up to four people in your group for this sale

You can add more people to your group and still take advantage of this awesome
Galveston Island 2017 Summer Beach Portrait sale for an additional $10
per person or child.  You’ll all share these amazing memories from your Galveston
Island vacation!

Pet portraits in League City , Houston, Galveston and everywhere in between!

Portraits on the beach in Galveston!

















We have the experience to help you look your best and relax while we
create about 60-90 images for your family

  • We specialize in creating awesome photographs of families on the beach.
  • Small families or large families- we can capture your family perfectly.
  • We’ll take candid photos on the beach.
  • Posed photos on the beach rocks (Depending on beach that we photograph on)
  • Silly photos in the water.
  • Or pensive photos sitting in the sand.

You tell us what is important to you and we’ll create a portrait that will
help you remember this Galveston Island vacation forever!

We have more experience photographing on Galveston’s
beaches than any other 

That being so we have a lot of experience in dealing with windy days.  
So don’t worry, we’ll create amazing photographs for you and your family.

Galveston beach portraits

We specialize in large family portraits at the beach in Galveston.














High School Senior Pictures on the beach in Galveston

Now this is a COOL High School Senior Picture! Dorion LOVED his senior pictures with his car on the beach in Galveston!














High School Senior Pictures on the beach in Galveston

This high school senior got a unique portrait for her senior pictures!

You’ll receive your portraits via digital download with full rights to use as you wish.

The images will be in Jpg format and sized at 300 DPI at 8×10 inches.

That doesn’t mean that you can only print 8×10 portraits.  That size is just a
high image quality size that is easy for you to have printed at your favorite photo lab.

You can easily print a 16×20 or a 4×6 size portrait from your image files.

You can also make a coffee cup, a collage or even  a nice canvas portrait from your 
Galveston Beach Photographs!

We know you’ll love these portraits more and more with each
passing year.

 Our clients have told us that this may be the only investment
they have ever made that has continued to grow in value to
them year after year!


Susan Henry

Susan Henry Photography

Established 1996 on Galveston Island

Here’s a few more examples of our award winning Galveston Beach Photography!

Galveston Beach Portraits for familys

We specialize in creating great portraits on the beach in Galveston Texas.


Galveston Beach Photographer

Dogs love the beach as much as we do. You just see how happy this dog is to be on the beach in Galveston.

Large family groups photographed on the beach in Galveston!

We do photograph large families! We can photograph any size large family on the beach in Galveston!

Call 832 632 2184  the beach portrait specialist to reserve you

Galveston Beach Portrait Session!  Or email us here!

Galveston Beach Pictures

This little boy will have this portrait to help him remember his first time at the beach in Galveston!

Amazing beach photography in Galveston

Susan Henry Photography will photograph lots of creative photographs of your family enjoying the beach in Galveston!

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