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20 Photos to Take Before “Kicking the Bucket!”

Everyone has a bucket list; those “must-have” adventures to accomplish before we are “too old.” Things like going to the top of the Empire State Building, back-packing through Europe or deep-sea diving.

Here at Susan Henry Photography we all have our own personal bucket lists, but we also have a list that’s just for the studio. A list of the photographs Susan and Andrea feel they absolutely must capture at some point in their lives. We’ve been lucky enough to cross a few photographs off of our list already.

Here’s the Susan Henry Photography Studio’s Photography Bucket List (Version 1.0)

1) Frame-worthy Street Photography ?

2) Sleeping Dog

3) Spinning Ferris Wheel (slow SS)

4) Child Jumping in a Puddle

5) Creative self-portrait

6) The Moon ?

7) Family’s feet in a bed

8) A Celebrity ?

9) An Exotic Travel Location ?

10) Another Photographer in Action

11) Sunrise ?

12) Series of Hands- grandmother, mother, daughter, granddaughter

13) Expression of First Lost Tooth

14) Fog

15) Lightning

16) Horses Running

17) Streaming lava

18) Wild Bears in Natural Habitat

19) Time Lapse of Stars in Night Sky

20) Water lever shot of bald eagle catching fish


Have you ever thought about what would be on your bucket list? Would your list include any photographs? What would they be?

Comment with your Bucket Lists and photos!

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