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10 Unique Facts About Us

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Ten Things That Make Our Portraits Special

Houston,Galveston,League City,Friendswood family portraiture

“We LOVE this picture! Thanks Susan,” T. Free Family

1. If you are not thrilled beyond your expectations you do not pay for them.

No kidding, if you are not completely thrilled with your photographs, I will either
create additional images for you at no charge, or I will refund all your money.

I am absolutely committed to creating portraits that you will be happy for
generations to come to own and cherish. After all, this portrait is your legacy to them.

2. We will consult with you before your session to help you with every detail.

This insures you and your family will look perfect in your photographs.

This is such an important step!

We will meet with you (via phone or in person) before the session day to help you
choose clothing, the right location, help you with questions about hair and makeup,
etc.All of these things are vital to the creation of a great photograph!

3. You can have this portrait created in a beautiful outdoor setting, like on
the beach in Galveston or at our portrait park in League City.

If you feel that studio pictures are too posed then no problem we have many
options to create candid poses. If that’s not your style you can have your photographs
created at the beach in Galveston or at our brand new exclusive outdoor portrait
in League City or at your home or other outdoor location.

4. We are retouching experts!  

Not everyone needs a little nip and tuck or a few wrinkles smoothed out, but if you
do we are the right photographer for you!  You can add the services you like to any
portrait- just ask.

We often get asked if we can make people thinner, younger, remove braces
on teeth, open blinky eyes… and the answer is… YES!

No worries, no one will ever be able to tell that any enhancement was done, our
artist simply takes a great portrait and makes it perfect!

Galveston beach photography

Beautiful family at their historical home in Galveston

“I love this portrait hanging on the wall, it makes me feel close the kids. They are a long way off and this
makes me
feel good every time I look at it”. Dee Segars

5. Natural expressions are guaranteed.

I not only have we perfected our photographic skills, but we have also mastered
ways of working with our clients to get the best and most natural expressions
every time.

We have all seen photographs where people looked rigid and posed.

Why have a family photograph created if your family does not look natural?

There are a number of steps we take to insure that each of your family members
looks their best in the photograph

We have developed little “games” we play with the children to get them to give us
their real smiles and have fun during the session.

This usually makes the adults laugh as well, and that makes for a portrait in which
everyone looks relaxed and is genuinely having fun.

Houston, Friendswood, League City, Clear lake, Galveston Family Photography


6. I– more than most people understand how important these photographs
will be to you.

When I was growing up, my parents never had a chance to have a nice family
photograph created.

I lost my mother as a child, and now only have a few snapshots of her. I really
wish we’d had a photograph of all of us together created.

Galveston beach portraits

Mom, my sister Patty and me- this is one of two pictures I have of her.

I understand how much these photographs are going to mean to you, and I feel
I have a responsibility to every family that their children should have these memories.

I got into photography because of my love for my family, and a love for helping
other families capture the memories that will last a lifetime.

7. These kinds of portraits are not “lucky accidents”.

They are not snapshots, and yet the people in them are not posed or stiff in any way.

It takes skill to meet someone new and within a few minutes, get them to relax in
front of a camera!

And we don’t stop there, we know how to pose you to look your best.

How to place you in the grouping so everyone feels natural and relaxed and looks
their best.

And finally to get everyone to laugh and have fun during the portrait session whether
it’s on the beach in Galveston, at your home in League City, Friendswood or
wherever we may be.

Galveston beach pictures

“Susan captured the most amazing memories! And the portrait quality
was excellent”.
The Dominguez Family

8. We are here for you.

We can help you make choices about clothing, hair, makeup, location everything that
goes into making a beautiful portrait.

Did you know that the wrong clothing choice can add 10 lbs, not only that, but the right
clothing choice can slim you by 10 lbs?

We are there for you with tips that 20 years of working in the photography industry has
taught us.

9. We are the beach portrait specialists. What makes us beach portrait
specialists ?

Susan Henry Photography has photographed over 2,300 families at the beach!

That means that we are out there almost every evening photographing every size and
type of family.

We know the exact time to be at the beach so the water is blue… when the sky slowly
changes from blue to blue with streaks of pink, orange and purple.

We know what time is best to avoid harsh shadows and squinty eyes.

Because Susan is at the beach just about every day, she knows where the best beaches
on the island are to photograph curious 2 year old twins, or an extended family
with 22 members.

All of that knowledge ensures the perfect setting for your family beach portrait.
And that saves your family time and money.

This saves you time because we know what we’re doing and can capture all the pictures
you need quickly and efficiently.

No one wants to stand around while a photographer fiddles with the camera. The kids
get cranky and that’s makes for a terrible portrait.

We know what we’re doing so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

And that means that you will be so satisfied with them that you won’t need to have them
taken again for a few years, saving you money.

Galveston Beach portraits

senior pictures come with family pictures too

10. We will spend time talking and getting to know you.

We’ll find out what interests your family shares.

Let’s face it, not everyone is a “beach person”.

There are so many options out there, ones that you may have not even considered.

By getting to know your family, your interests and hobbies we can create a custom portrait
for you and your family.

These are just some of the ways we have photographed families and high school seniors at:

  • At their fishing camp
  • With their airplane
  • On their fishing boat
  • On their horses
  • On their sailboat
  • In a 1965 yellow corvette
  • With a 1969 Mustang 
  • On their motorcycle

Now these are portraits that will speak to future generations about your family.

So, What’s The Next Step?

The next step is a very simple and easy one. Simply pick up the phone, and call us.

We will answer any questions you may have.

And most importantly, I can find out specifics from you about what is most important
to you about these photographs.


Voted Best Photographer

Susan Henry Photography was just voted the Readers Choice Best
Photographer in Galveston County for 2012!

Susan Henry Photography has been voted Best Photographer by the readers of the
Galverson County Daily News 9 Times!

We will be happy to hear from you, just call us at 832-632-2184.

You may also email me right now at, and we will get
back with you as soon as possible.

This is a great time to have a portrait created!

These are precious times

You just don’t know it until something happens and then you realize just how lucky you
really were.

So although things will change, these moments never has to slip from your fingers.

Please do not put this off.

You know how life is.

We put things off, and before we know it, everything has changed.

If your life is half as crazy as mine is, year after year you find your self frustrated at the
things you wanted to do, and never got done.

A family portrait is something you deserve.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Susan Henry


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